Our Approach to Development

Your Requirements

Every business is different and we tailor our services to each individual case. Some businesses have very clear requirements and know exactly what they want from a new iPhone / iPad application and we simply develop the app to their specific requirements immediately. Others may need us to help “plug some gaps” in their existing systems before we can help develop a mobile application for them. Still others may want a completely new end-to-end system building from scratch. Whatever your requirements, we can help. With more than 20 years experience in the industry, we've seen pretty much everything and can adapt quickly to your individual needs.

Your Business, Your Processes

Whether you're running your business using Macs, Windows or Unix (or a combination thereof) you can rest assured that we can help you. From disconnected spreadsheets to powerful database servers, from legacy Unix systems to modern Mac OS X applications, from Windows for Workgroups through to Windows 7 we can help you bring these systems together and integrate your mobile devices into your business processes; effectively and efficiently.

Our Approach

Every Client is unique and the first stage in any interaction is for us to talk through and understand their general requirements and existing systems. This can usually be done over the telephone and generally we can provide a “ball park” estimate of how much work is required and how much it will cost at this stage.

The second stage is to visit the Client and undertake a more detailed analysis of their requirements and how these can be met within the constraints of their existing systems. From this we can then provide a quotation for the required work including an estimate of how long the work will take.

Once engaged by a Client, we prefer to meet with them on a regular basis to keep them up to date on progress. On most projects, these meetings will usually involve demonstrating the latest version of the software, agreeing user interfaces and resolving any issues that have arisen. On very small projects it may simply be that work is completed relatively quickly but all our projects end with at least two meetings:

  • Release Candidate Meeting: The final development version of the software is demonstrated to the Client and any final changes are noted and agreed.
  • Final Meeting: The final version of the software is installed / delivered and final sign-off agreed.


All our projects come with three months telephone support provided as standard. Larger, more complex projects may require additional support (perhaps 12 months on-site for example) and we would usually suggest this and cost it in to our quotation from the outset where appropriate. Ultimately, we can provide the level of support you require and negotiate this at the time of engagement.

In Summary

With our extensive sofware development experience we are confident that we can help you make the most of your assets and get technology working for you. If you'd like to discuss how we might be able to help you then please get in touch today.