Our Apps

Pool Pal

Like all the best apps, Pool Pal was designed to fill a need. As a parent of keen competitive swimmers myself, I used to spend a lot of time in the evenings and at weekends attending training / coaching sessions and competitive events. Before Pool Pal I used to carry a notebook and record my children's PBs and results. Now I've created Pool Pal I can simply use my phone to record everything I need; from PBs and results to running totals of training distances covered. It also integrates straight into my phone's address book to keep track of club contacts. Invaluable! >> more

Yes Coach!

Yes Coach! is a pool-side aid for Swimming Coaches who want to get the best from their swimmers. It records personal best times for each stroke / distance along with threshold tests. It then calculates optimal swim times for each swimmer based on standard lactate threshold / VO2 Max calculations, ensuring you're working your squad at optimum levels. If your Club Coach isn't using these techniques, tell him about Yes Coach! today and get him started with this crucial tool. >> more